Nicholas Shepheard completed his Diploma in Applied Science in Natural Resource Management and worked in Fisheries Research.  After the project he was working on
finished he was left without funding to continue his role.  He began to work in the construction industry and tried everything from carpentry to landscaping but he finally decided to take up concreting.  In 1998 he was reading a surfing magazine when he saw a picture of a guy kiteboarding in Hawaii.

After six years of concreting  he decided to start his own business and was very successful for 10 years. He has three children Kaitlyn 19, Flynn 15 and Ocean 8.  After a divorce, and a number of other negative life experiences he found himself in bad place and developed depression. Nik has continued kiteboarding and uses this as his way of finding freedom in the world we live in. Without his kids and kiteboarding his life would have been much different. He decided to find out what he really wanted from life.

This world record fundraising attempt has helped Nik deal better with his depression and pulled a lot of positive influence into his life.  He would like to help as many people as possible that suffer and are affected by depression as he can.

For Nik, this attempt means that people suffering from depression will have a better chance at seeking help and reducing the impacts of this conditions and therefore
improving their own lives.  He knows that if he can make a difference to even just a handful of people that this attempt has more than certainly been worth every sleepless night, every bit of muscle soreness, every day worrying about the success of the attempt, gathering the endless information required, effects of depression, the training, the blood, the sweat and the tears.