Why Sponsor KFLA

  • Aligning your brand with our charity will bring awareness not only from the Kiteboarding community, but from the general population as our focus on depression and suicide is a world wide problem that is highly visible in the community.
  • Our world record attempt will bring global awareness to our charity maximising brand exposure for your business.
  • Its an exciting opportunity to be involved in something that has never been attempted before.
  • Aligning with our charity will be helping millions of Australians affected directly or indirectly by depression and suicide.

Our Commitment

  • To ensure maximum brand exposure through daily video blogs and social media posts
  • To work together to ensure that logo placement maximises your brand (placement options include - Kite, Board, Boat, Clothing, Support Vehicle)
  • To gain maximum publicity through constant contact with TV, Radio, Social and Print Media
  • To report monthly on the status of the journey and media exposure your brand has received
  • Complete transparency about where your sponsorship funds have been directed

Sponsors Commitment

We want sponsors that want to be at the starting gates and at the finish line, its important to us to have the right sponsors on board that share a similar philosophy as KFLA.

To open the communication channels with KFLA  and to see if our Charity & World Record attempt is the right fit for your business please contact Nik Shepheard on
0408 351 972 or email: n.shepheard@kfla.com.au

Our Sponsors