Depression and how I felt at my lowest point

image3G'day every one. Hope alls happy and well in your lives.

I just wanted to explain to you all about how I felt at my lowest point of depression because as a lot of us know it can be a huge hurdle to overcome. I can compare it to being in a dark vertical tunnel with only the smallest amount of light, the walls are covered in a layer of grease and you are well and truly at the bottom.

After you've tried to climb and continuously fail you lose energy and motivation and you pretty much just give up and sleep. Once you wake up you feel twice as bad so you think that either alcohol or drugs or both will make your feelings leave you. This only makes it worse.

Sometimes suicide seems like the only option but it's most certainly not.

Help is not far away but you must call out so someone can hear you, don't let the tunnel swallow you whole. The next step for me was to see a G.P. He was the person who threw me a rope and pulled me up out of the tunnel. He prescribed me anti-depressants and spoke to me at length.

He referred me on to a Psychologist which was the start of my recovery. My Psychologist was a fantastic lady who was of the greatest support. She gave me the basic tools to get well again. I am now at a point in my life that I have the advanced tools to help others along the same path. After all that's one of the reasons why KFLA has been formed.

These days I look at things differently and surround myself with positive experience and people and it's amazing how anyone is able to do this.

It is possible for anyone to go from dark to light but there is a process and the first thing is to realise that you suffer.

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