Being Human

KFLA_Nik_imageIn the community we have so many different charities wanting to achieve so many goals, some very easy some so difficult it seems nearly impossible. I have faced so many things in my life which has changed my direction. I've lived, I've loved, I've been so broken not even I thought I could come back, I've seen children born, watched people so close to me die, watched my life flash before my eyes, found solace in my own company, spent time with some amazing individuals, been supported, been alone, worked damn hard, been wealthy, been poor, lived like a king, had next to nothing, tried to be kind, have acted badly, cared, comforted, been drunk, been sober, been hungry, I've gorged.

My point is if you can relate to any of this then you are human and that is what KFLA is about. So many of us are so busy these days that if you actually just stop and look at your life you may realise how much your wanted and needed regardless of where you have been. Depression is just another part of some of our lives, for those who suffer it is just another feeling which we can deal with.

I like to break things down into point form, it's just what I do to make life seem manageable. It may help you and it may not. Anything is worth a try to manage depression.

What works for me may not work for you but hey it's got you thinking.😎

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